1. Power Outages

  Yes No
Do you review your UPS specifications periodically or when new equipment is added or solution modifications are made?
Do you review the UPS product life cycles to understand manufacturer support of the equipment?
Has there been a commercial or site power interruption in the past year which incurred a service interruption?
Do you perform annual UPS failover testing?

2. Lack of Routine Maintenance

  Yes No
Do you review and follow manufacturer recommended maintenance activities (i.e. file removal, maintenance restarts, etc.)?
Do you review equipment logs & alarms?
Do you review the stability of standby equipment and perform failover testing?
Do you validate that daily backups are completed successfully?

3. Hardware Failures

  Yes No
Do you review your hardware replacement policy for availability of spares in the event of a failure?
Do you review your vendor lifecycle information to determine End of Manufacturer Support?
Has redundancy been implemented (when possible) to prevent single point of failure outages/service interruptions for critical services?

4. Software Bugs

  Monthly or sooner Quarterly Annually Rarely Never
How often do you review and/or apply newly released patches?
  Yes No
Do you have an established notification and application policy for critical, outage preventing patches?
Do you proactively upgrade software?

5. Network Issues

  Yes No
Do you have an up-to-date network diagram?
Do you track all changes to the network?
Is network reference information easily accessible should you experience an outage?

Disclaimer: The results of this survey are provided for informational purposes only.