Call Center Upgrades 2013

“Which of the following queuing and routing upgrades is your firm planning to implement for your contact center(s)?”

Not interested
Interested but no plans
Planning to implement in a year or more
Planning to implement in the next 12 months
Don’t know
Add speech recognition apps to IVR
Multichannel integration (such as Web, email, SMS/text, phone, social media, mobile) on a single system
Adding social media as a communication channel (eg., Twitter, Facebook)
Adding chat as a communication channel
Adding video as a communication channel
Proactive outbound notification (SMS/text, email, voice, social media)
Adding mobile devices as a communication channel (agents get information from a customers’ devices and can push data to them)
Real-time decisioning to push appropriate offers to contact center agent
UC integration for presence and access to others (e.g., escalation or transfer to another agent)

Survey: 633 IT decisionmakers worldwide with more than 20 employees and contact centers with more than 50 seats (percentages do not total 100 because of rounding).

Source: Forrester Research, 2013.