Case Study



The Mission

The SELLBYTEL Group is a leading company in global outsourcing. The group has its headquarters in Nuremberg and is represented by over 5,500 professionals in 38 locations across Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. In Spain, the SELLBYTEL Group has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia. Some of SELLBYTEL’s telephone solutions and contact centers in Spain had become outdated. The growth of the company’s activity and the increasing complexity of its operations meant that SELLBYTEL needed to upgrade its technology and migrate to a multimedia solution. It also wanted to improve operational efficiency through automated integration of its clients’ diverse CRMs with contact center services, as well as other third-party applications.

“Phone calls are no longer the only means of communication,” says Mariano Bañón, IT Manager, SELLBYTEL Spain, part of the SELLBYTEL Group, a leading global outsourcing company. “In terms of fashionable brands or brands aimed at young people, everyone uses Facebook or Twitter—and people no longer pick up the phone to ask for support, help, or information. At SELLBYTEL we wanted to embrace these new channels of communication.”

Technology Change in Collaboration With Avaya

Some of SELLBYTEL’s telephone solutions and contact centers in Spain had become outdated. The initial option agreed to by the company was the unification of the technology across the different branches, including the decision that Spain should adopt the same solutions and supplier as the head office in Germany. However, with the functions offered by the Avaya Aura® Contact Center solution—the pricing model and options for integration with clients’ different CRM systems and other applications such as recording systems, among others— SELLBYTEL decided to go with Avaya.

The first step was to prepare for the migration from the previous solution, updating the telephone equipment to the latest versions of Avaya’s PBX software, gateways, and messaging servers such as CallPilot®.

Toward a New Generation of Customer Services

The Avaya solution has allowed SELLBYTEL to take a step toward a new generation of customer services—a new generation based on multimedia contact centers.

“Phone calls are no longer the only means of communication. In terms of fashionable brands or brands aimed at young people, everyone uses Facebook or Twitter—and we no longer pick up the phone to ask for support, help, or information.”

—Mariano Bañón, IT Manager, SELLBYTEL Spain

“The introduction of email functionalities has given us the chance to increase our services with our current clients, opening up new markets and new campaigns. We have many offerings for clients seeking new functionalities. In taking this step with Avaya, we have been able to reduce customer churn and we have committed ourselves to providing more new services,” says Bañón. “This would not have been possible if we hadn’t gone with Avaya. The implementation of the new functionalities supplied by Avaya Aura Contact Center has resulted in a 25 percent increase in SELLBYTEL’s business in Spain in the last financial year.”

A Solution That Provides Multiple Benefits

“The tool’s routing capabilities mean that, with minimal supervision, emails reach the correct agent, allowing an immediate response capability,” says Bañón. “An email manager or a Web mail tool is not sufficient to manage 800 or more emails a day, which some of our clients generate, or to ensure that each agent receives the correct emails depending on their specialist area, language, and country.”

Agent efficiency has improved thanks to the Avaya Aura Agent Desktop application, which allows agents to simultaneously handle multiple contacts of different kinds. With a few clicks, different actions can be performed and communications managed, enabling supervisors to carry out their tasks more easily. “At the agent level, the interface is very intuitive, everything is very simple, and the training required to understand and use it is minimal,” says Bañón.

“We are also integrating clients’ different CRM systems with the Avaya solution, enhancing automation,” says Bañón. “This is very important for us, since we work with lots of clients and many of them have their own CRM system—some simpler than others, some standard or easier to integrate—so we need to achieve the best integration possible in order to provide the best service. This needs to be done on a case-by-case basis. We are using Avaya’s professional services to help us with this task.”


Avaya Aura® Contact Center 6.2, Avaya Aura® Communication Server 1000, Avaya Aura® Agent Desktop

Close collaboration with the integrator T-Systems and the teams at Avaya has allowed SELLBYTEL to resolve complex installation problems resulting from the very nature of the outsourcing business.

“At the moment we only have email, typical voice campaigns, and outbound telephone campaigns. But we are now considering setting up the social network and chat sessions our clients are beginning to ask us for. The future for us is the integration of complete multimedia functionalities: chat with and without video, social networking, voice, and CRM. If we do this correctly, with Avaya’s help, I am sure that our growth will not be limited to 25 percent, but will be much higher,” concludes Bañón.


  • Contributed to increasing SELLBYTEL sales by 20 percent by enabling it to offer new products and services, improve customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty

  • Improved agent productivity, thanks to the functions of the unique interface and the multiple-contact management tool

  • SELLBYTEL is prepared to incorporate new multimedia functionalities to continue responding to client demands