How Will You Leverage Video Communications?—Part 2

Long gone are the days when video cameras were the only video-capturing devices available. Now, many companies provide their own unique ways for consumers and organizations to communicate. Here, we take a look at how video communication has grown and how the uses and benefits for both consumers and organizations have evolved.

Pixelated Progress

Since 1983, the evolution of consumer video use and technology has grown considerably:


First camcorder for the general public1


First commercial webcam2


First digital format for consumers1


First massively popular video chat client3

By 2003, high-speed Internet became widely available and the cost of video technology decreased, paving the way for new video-based technologies.


Apple’s FaceTime video chat application4


Video chat capability between XBOX 360 owners5


Video calling within Facebook social network6


Group video chat within Google+ social network7


Video chat using TVs8

The growth of video has influenced these significant new trends in technology:

Over 50% of Gen Y owns a webcam9

72% of those ages 18-20 own a laptop9

Almost 80% of those laptops have webcams9

491.4 million smartphones were sold worldwide in 201110

There are 91.4 million smartphone users in the U.S.11

77% of affluent Americans 18-24 own smartphones, as do 80% of 25-34 year olds12

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